Today, and in the weeks to follow, we will be exposed to many fascinating tools available online...most of them free. You will be amazed, excited, and overwhelmed!
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But first, we must figure out what Web 2.0 is? Any ideas?

From: In Search of the Next Generation Online Learning Environment by Stephen W. Baker, Ph.D and Truls K. Henriksen "In recent years, there has been marked interest in and widespread media coverage of an evolution in the use of the internet so profound that it has given rise to new name for the web itself: “Web 2.0.” The evolution centers around the rise of “social software.” The term “social software” came into parlance in 2002 and is attributed to writer/researcher/teacher, Clay Shirky. According to Shirky, social software is, essentially, “software that supports group interaction” (Shirky, 2003). Examples include:===
  • Synchronous and asynchronous online forums
  • Social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook
  • Sites that combine community file sharing with social networking,such as Flickr and YouTube
  • Multiplayer online games
  • Weblogs (Blogger/RSS) often involving audio and video elements
  • Wikis
  • Applications for social bookmarking, such as del.icio.us, and
  • Video conferencing
As UK education researchers, Futurelab, point out,” new forms of
collaboration tools are also emerging, where people can work together to
build new documents or products” (Owen et al, 2006, p. 4)."